CH Dallinaire Licence for Love




Dark Sable Dog

Born: 10.10.2003.

Sire: Brilyn Diamond Discovery

Dam: Dallinaire Jolly-Jingle

Breeder: Dragana Vulić, Dallinaire kennel

Show results:

 Serbian Junior Champion

Serbian Champion

4 x JCAC ,4 x JBOB ,24 x CAC, 7 x CACIB, 2 x R.CACIB, 21 x BOB, 6 x BOG, 7 x R.BOG, 2 x BOG III, BIS III




Brilyn Diamond Discovery

Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn

Ferncot Gold Blend For Aaronwell

Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell
Aaronwell Adorable Dora of Ferncott

Brilyn Satin Smile on Aaronwell

Brilyn Rum'n Black
Brilyn Satin Symphony

Aberquarrie Always a Dream at Brilyn

Silvermoor 's Teddy Bear

Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor
Silvermoor 's Marshmallow

Brilyn Almost a Lady at Aberquarrie

Brilyn Super Tramp
Glydale Country Bellat Brilyn
Dallinaire Jolly-Jingle

Double Scotch Gold First-Class

Lynway Seldom Sober

Lynway Sandknocker
Lynway Serenade

Coco-Chanel Gold Double Scotch

Pelido Royal Velvet
Miss-Marple of Beinn Mhor

Double Scotch Gold Hilary

Clorenwood John Thomas

Clorenwood Georgecus George
Clorenwood Illusion

Beauty-Baby Gold Double Scotch

Lynway Seldom Sober
Miss-Marple of Beinn Mhor